Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off-Automatic Montana

Grassfed bison rip up the torrents that come down from the broken broken trees. Understanding this is the first step, the first step in powerfully completing power and substance. There's nothing to be done and there's something wrong on the inside powerfully wrong on the inside i don't have to take around a track of allowance but that doesn't mean much to a girlish scream a girlish british scream.

All dancing all screaming shrieking foot things flame up and down but there's death in them there hills and it's not bringing a nice pot roast to the pot luck or pot pot. A talking car, walking around the ground down town gown conflict.

Froggy Jamboree! Froggy Jamboree! Froggy Jamboree!

Famished fromagiers but silent and well-put. the source of many well-put and witty things that you say. a stain but not a big one. a danger but not a big one. a grape but not a big one. around but not a big one. ascent but not a big one. attest but not a big one. arrest but not a big one. a big one but not arrest. crime but not arrest. Lime but not arrest. Grain but not arrest. Trial but not arrest. Arrest but not arrest. Complete but chimpy clean. Ghost but clean not. Around and around not. Denim but not denim. Masterpiece but not a chocolate tobacco fume a great dome overhead of stars and firmament and portraiture. So clean so shiny so new and beautiful. So perfectly mono-blue.

Gotta get the spaces out, the air, the empty dark matter, the running of the mouth, the running of the bulls, the lists are good but sometimes the lists deteriorate until the deteriorating lists are repetitive and repetitive is hard to spell and the shirst there was a space a space is a typo there can't be any typos and and and and and and and and and three leaves, three parts of the green open, the mono-open, the chromatic dilly dallying of sudden cardiac arrest. more spaces, more typos, more problems, more money, more black comedies, more unenthusiastic christmases that are that are attesting arrest and and and and and and and and and six sudden tones, six for four a backspace is a kind of space a backspace is a kind of empty headedness but length and therefore and and and and and and therefore that and there that and a drunk drinking of it is so drunk. you are drunk and that's why this looks like this. the bubbles go straight to your head. the glass goes straight to your head. your balance is off you'd better not drive.

At the bottom of the bottle is a coupon for another bottle is coupon another bottle is another bottle another bottle.

Varietal: Not fast enough
Food Pairing: Braised lamb shanks, pearl onions

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