Thursday, April 2, 2009

Short Stories (

What begins as a massive porous outcropping is polished down into a hard virtuous gem. Belched up from deep below from whence the hidden treasures call up to the adventuring spirit. A timbre that does not stop when it stops being easy, that does not stop when it stops making sense, that does not stop when it loses control. A new rivulet streams into a dried-out ancient ocean bed. The familiarity of the novel.

When the sour cherries rear up again and again, it's easy to take the corporate route but becoming a teacher is really not that pie in the sky. Not as these things go. At the first blackout there's an absolute coin-flip tension of applause or pause, applause or pause. The spell can be broken and then comes up the bitter flood of catholic remorse. Regretful things you've done and things you regretfully haven't done pulse through their wendy-windy climbings and leafings.

The charred root vegetable conclusion belies the desperate soupiness of the leafiness. It is not a monster but it can not leave behind its moment of monstrousness, of exclusion, of contortion. In fact let's all say that together: Monstrousness, exclusion, contortion. Delicate strands of artifice surrounding the healthy honest trunk. The occasional extra gesture, the some time over-processed trust-radish.

The trick of the wine is that it turns itself inside out and never gets right again. It's a tough place to be if you're not holding on to something. An oppressive radio room where minty bursts of lightning fire off from the weird equipment. Read-outs and files and three monitors labeled monstrousness, exclusion, or contortion.

Lays itself bare on a pine board, a cutting board and spills its fruity guts all over the floor where they belong. Offers up its guts, inviting you to dive in and learn something about yourself. Sharp wasabi, prepared wasabi, green wasabi distributed in bowls around the science pod. Bubbles way over from where it started, where it was supposed to end up, how much can be handled. As clear as clear can clear. Also confusing. And everything's chanting its name.

Varietal: Sexy Schmidt, Gnarly Goss, Sweet Mamma Maderal
Food Pairing: April 2-4 @ Triskelion Arts

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