Friday, May 8, 2009


Let it be known: Spellcheck does not recognize 'humongous'

Things are not surprising with the right perspective. That a shadow look like another shadow is nothing jealous. Shadows, for, are imprecise and capture, something surely, but are not detailed, like life. Life is detailed and leaves marks on itself, unique among itself, and within itself. Do you read my twisted knots? I think they will make a lovely tattoo at some point. Not for me, obviously, but for someone else, someone willing to make a lasting decision.

Do you think you shouldn't ever risk regret?
Is there anything it's impossible to regret?
What is the place of regret, anyway?
Where does regret live?
What really is regret?
Why so regret?
Do you think you should never do anything you might regret?

It is easy enough to disguise yourself as another person if that person's shadow looks like yours and if whoever you're hiding from can only see shadows. We can all only see shadows, but that' not really relevant here. Please stop introducing irrelevancies. All the doctors say you shouldn't do it. Any doctor that says you should do it is a quack, because all the doctors say you shouldn't do it.

Night time speed. Streetlight altercations. Shadow moves independently of you, impossibly, in lieu of a compass point, we find many compass points, a sphere, a cloud, no true north, no clear direction except into the past. Out, out, brief insight. Youa re too delicate for this world, this only world, the world.

There is one world and its name is the world. It is called the world because it cointains the world and is the world. Live in it or risk floating into the land if wind and ghosts.

Please toast my memory. Please acknowledge or invent my impact. Please feel something of my uniqueness, my very uniqueness, my uniqueness. Please feel something humongous. Remember to repeatedly utter my name. Please drink deep. Please drink with the right people. Drink with everybody who will have you. Anybody. Hobos are the only people worth knowing anyway. Are you a hobo? You are. To the extent that you try not to be, you kill yourself.

There are things that are the same. There are things that are different. Nothing is different. Everything is the same. You are not so unique. There are many more unique than you. To be only as unique as you are is fairly common, to be expected you might say. You are literally the least unique person in the room. You are a shadow on the filthy road, your area cut by the gutter, by the sleeping animalperson, by miscellany itself. When the power blinks off, you blink off. It is, though, ok not to care, because right now the power is on. The power is on and you exist. You are on. You have opportunity. You can do things you may later regret. Like anything. The power is on and you are a shadow. You do not exist because you are a shadow. Two shadows do not, can not, look alike. There is always something different, some difference, and that difference is the entire world, the one that contains the whole world, called the world, the world.

Let it be known: Spellcheck does not recognize things which are humongous.

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