Thursday, May 28, 2009

I can't _____ when I can't _____ w/ you.

There's a cerealical roundness to the body, if that's not redundant. It's true even if it is redundant. Things which pertain to cereal tend to be round, for example: spoons, udders, oats, froot loops, cheerios, oreos, bowls, morning hugs, balanced diets, wide eyed bewonderment, morning routines, healthfulness, diabetes, sweet dreams, and you don't have to wake me when it's over.

Also to the body an exposed midriff is, and you gotta admire her confidence, don't you? It helps that she's the hottest little number Kensington, but still, that body, you wouldn't expect it. She's got a kind of a cerealic roundness to her belly, a belly type that's not represented in Maxim, FHM, Taut Belly Monthly, or Midriff Laffs. You gotta admire her confidence, but there's still the question of is that appropriate to teach school in?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only radical lesbian feminists who find fat old limestone venuses erotic. Other kinds of radical lesbians do too.

The body cavity is red and irritated because the giant's heart is constructed partially of thorns. The striated muscle is checkered with them and they point in every direction and put him in a bad bad mood. You would be too if you had a heart full of thorns. Good luck though, the townspeople are gathering all their turquoise and they're going to melt it down or do what you do with a bunch of turquoise and build a new heart and then their plan is to knock the giant out, surgify him, and put the new turquoise heart inside his body. The hope then is that he will stop raping and pillaging their butts and they can then get back to the things they like, like mining turquoise. There's a certain celearical logic to all this. Doesn't make it not true though. Nothing is truer than lies (except truth, obviously.)

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