Monday, May 4, 2009

Wine Harold Bin 00005

Look, let's make a few things clear. There's much too much confusion up in this mother.

I'm not drinking this week. Gotta dry out after the weekend.

Fresh fish! We catch them you buy them!

Number one. It is not possible to get to know every bottle of wine that's ever been produced. Even if you could get your hands on them all, they change from year to year. Number two. It's ok to lose sight of the shore. Number three. The food pairings are not mandatory.

Wow, was I plastered over the weekend. I don't remember doing anything I regret. I hope I don't not remember doing something I would regret if I remembered it. I don't think I did though.

Lady, look at this beautiful haddock. Have you ever seen a haddock like this? Never, I bet. That slimy guy is monkfish. I know. He looks terrible, but cook him up just right, your husband will swear he's eating lobster. Don't blow another dinner on pizza and skittles. Buy some fish!

Number four. Although the sense of light headed euphoria is an integral part of the experience, it is not the primary focus of differentiation among options. The world is full of things to make you light headed, and most of them have far less variety.

When the right balance of chemicals is the only thing holding you up, it's time to take stock. It's time to take stock right now. It's always time to take stock. I want to dry out in the sun but it won't stop raining. The rain is indistinguishable from drunkenness. Everything is obliterative.

But some fish! Cook it up in a pan. Grill it on the grill. Braise it in the braisier. Smoke it in the smoker. Roast it whole and eat around the bones and the worms. Covering it in a huge pile of salt will make it sweet, not salty. The omega-3 fatty acids will be there for you when you need them. We're not just selling fish here, people. We're selling a lifestyle. We're selling inner clean. We're selling change.

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